Homeschool Subscription

Homeschool Subscription

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Designed to stimulate rich conversations and grow lasting character from the inside out

The Homeschool Subscription is an affordable package of digital curriculum and access to our online community of Character Growers. It was created by our team of veteran educators together with homeschool parent advisors.

Our Year 1 homeschool subscription draws from the Christian content section of our vast library. It is a Biblically based journey that equips and trains children and the adults around them to live Christ-centered, fulfilling lives that serve a Greater Purpose.

“For this very reason, make every effort to
supplement your faith with virtue.” – 2 Peter 1:5

Homeschool Subscription Features:

  • Everything you see below for just $9.99/month over 10 months!
  • 36 lessons included in Year 1 subscription
  • Each lesson designed for use 4 days per week, 15 minutes per day
  • Appropriate for learners at a variety of age levels
  • Great for starting rich, meaningful conversations
  • Limited prep time
  • Digital and print-friendly materials
  • Intuitive online platform along with app for mobile use and sharing
  • Expandable for all educational settings including classrooms, Sunday schools, youth groups and after-school care programs

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When you join the Character Formation Project, you’re subscribing to more than behavioral training or self-improvement. You’ll grow Christ-centered, internally motivated children and families whose character transcends context and consequences.